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Evidence has been gathered to support that the type, positioning and interconnectedness of smoke alarms are crucial in ensuring the effectiveness of smoke alarms in alerting people to the presence of a fire, and from this evidence the Queensland State Coroner recommended two major changes to the legislation.

These new laws will take into effective from the 1 January 2017 and apply to new domestic dwellings, rental properties and properties that are undergoing significant renovations.

The new laws are aimed at protecting lives of every resident by creating safer homes and one unified smoke alarm system, this will mean you will be more rapidly alerted to the presence of a fire in your home.

From 1 January 2017 smoke alarms installed to new homes must be:

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms only (See smoke by detecting visible particles of combustion and react quicker to smouldering fires)
  • Hard wired to the electricity supply
  • Interconnected to every other smoke installed
  • Installed in each bedroom
  • Installed in hallways serving bedrooms; and
  • Installed in the exit path of every storey not containing bedrooms