Smoke Alarms

Servicing Options

At Force Electrical we can supply, install and service smoke alarms, our aim is to provide you with a cost-effective and hassle free service to ensure your rental property meets Australian Standards and obligations as a landlord.

Smoke alarm maintenance is governed by State and Federal legislation, it is an offence if you do not comply with current legislation.

State legislation requires all smoke alarms within rental properties to be tested and cleaned prior to each new tenancy or renewal, the smoke alarm and battery must be replaced prior to the expiry date and all responsibility is held by the landlord.

For less than $100 per year, you legislation obligations can be met.

Annual Smoke Alarm Service Package

During the annual service we will:

  • Inspect, clean and maintain existing smoke alarms
  • Replace any expire or faulty smoke alarms
  • Replace 9 volt batteries in smoke alarms, as required
  • Ensure decibel output in each smoke alarm reaches satisfactory level
  • Ensure smoke alarms have not passed their expiry date
  • Check all smoke alarms meet Australian Standards

Additional Costs – If smoke alarms are found to be missing, damaged or additional smoke alarms required for compliance there will be an additional cost to this service.

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